Boom De Yada Song: I Love the Whole World

Discovery Channel: The World is Awesome Boom Di Ya Da

Boom De Yada Song: I Love the Whole World

In 2008 Discovery Channel released a super ad campaign featuring the stars of their top show singing “Boom de Yada,” a take-off of the traditional camp song, “I Love the Mountains.”  The inspiring visuals and catchy tune make even couch potatoes want to go discover the world.

One our kids’ favorite things to do on lazy afternoons is curl up in my bed while we all watch videos, play games, or read on our tablets. Periodically one of the kids will find something that reminds me of a fun song, commercial, sketch, character or historical bit that I think they will enjoy. A quick click to YouTube, Wikipedia, or Google, and we’re having a nice educational chat to round out their cultural literacy. (Um, how old do memes have to be to count as cultural literacy anyway?)

Anyway, here’s the first in a series of fun things to share with your kids. They’ll probably surprise you with how they react and what they are inspired to find on their own.

Boom De Yada Song – I Love the Whole World Discovery Ad

The kids loved it so much they started looking for related videos.  Here are a few of the fun ones they found:

Minecraft is Just Awesome

Boom De Yada – Star Wars the Clone Wars

Boom De Ya Da – Walt Disney World

Pixar is Just Awesome – Boom De Yada

Boom De Yada! – Harry Potter Style

Boom de Yada Canada!


Ha, ha!  This was a fun way to spend our two-hour school opening delay!  Found time well spent having fun!

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