How to Make a Pretty Bunny Maze

How to Make a Pretty Bunny Maze

Incorporating your house rabbit companions’ habitat into your family’s living space is a great way to encourage closer bonding but if you don’t provide your bunnies with their own space and lots of safe chewing options, you’ll drive each other crazy.

Most house rabbits love having their own hidey house or bunny maze. These provide a nice dark place for an afternoon snooze and a safe place to call their own. Here’s how we made a pretty hidey house bunny maze that looks great and offers Lulu and Snowy cute chewing alternatives to our baseboards.



Getting Started – What You’ll Need

Making a homemade bunny maze is cheap and easy. You probably already have the supplies you’ll need for this DIY project already lying around the house:

  • A large box (ideally the flaps should be the same width as the box height)
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors or a box cutter
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Decorative wooden trim and ornaments (optional)

Step 1: Prepare Your Bunny Maze Box

Reinforce the Bottom of the Box

Start by reinforcing the seam at the bottom of your box with duct tape. This will become the ceiling of the maze. Since your rabbits will want to jump on top of it, make sure it is reinforced enough to hold their weight. If you have large rabbits, you might need to tape on additional cardboard for extra reinforcement.


Cut off the Box Flaps

Cleanly cut off the top flaps of the box. Be sure to save at least two of them to use for the internal walls of the maze.


Step 2: Paint the Exterior (Optional)

A nice coat of paint goes a long way toward making your bunny maze look pretty and integrate nicely within your home’s décor. We used some non-toxic purple semi-gloss paint that was left over from painting a closet. (Free is good.)


Step 3: Prepare the Internal Maze Walls

Cut a slit half way through each of the box top flaps at the point where you want them to intersect within the bunny maze. This will interlock them together securely.

Take a look at your box and “walls” and decide how you want the bunnies’ flow pattern to work. Use a pen to draw bunny-sized doorways on each wall and on one or two of the exterior sides of the box.

We only used two flaps to create four small “rooms” in our maze. We chose two exterior doors on opposite sides of the maze. If your bunnies are smaller or your box is larger, you might choose to create multiple internal walls.


Step 4: Add Rabbit-friendly Decorations (Optional)

The more safe things you offer your house rabbits to chew, the less temptation they will have for destroying your furniture and woodwork. We found some cute unfinished wood flower ornaments and trim at Michaels for just a few dollars. They really dress up the bunny maze and make it feel like a real hidey house home.


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